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Members of OAMFT, and businesses and services related to the profession of Marriage & Family Therapy may sponsor OAMFT through advertising on the OAMFT.com website.



  • Employment opportunities
  • People seeking to refer, find resources, or network
  • Volunteers sought

Classifieds: Space for rent, items for sale, etc.

Classified pricing  Members  Non Members
30 days $40 plus $5.20 HST $50 plus $6.50 HST
60 days $45 plus $5.85 HST $55 plus $7.15 HST
90 days $55 plus $7.15 HST $65 plus $ 8.45 HST




For Profit Event or Advertiser (Plus HST) Not for Profit Event  (Plus HST)
Members/Fellows $35 for first 2 months;$25 for each subsequent 2 month period $20 for first 2 months;$10 for each subsequent 2 month period
Non-Members $75 for first 2 months;$60 for each subsequent 2 month period $50 for first 2 months;$40 for each subsequent 2 month period




Purpose of the Ad

  • All advertisements or other announcements must be intended to benefit OAMFT members, therapists and/or related professionals, or their clients.
  • Advertisements shall not promote the personal practice or business of an individual or group unless such a promotion is for a training or workshop.
  • Publication of advertising does not imply endorsement by OAMFT or AAMFT.


What You Can Submit

  • Simple.  Create your own text ad containing the needed information.  It must be in an easily readable file format eg Word doc and may be edited before posting.
  • Complex.  Create your own “camera ready” ad which can include pictures and graphics in addition to text (please – no video, music, or animation).  Your ad must be in readable file format (.pdf  is preferred — .doc or .rtf are acceptable).


  • Provide a short statement describing your event, to serve as the link from the Events page to your announcement.
  • Ads can be sent via email or by surface mail to the OAMFT Website Coordinator, accompanied by payment for the initial run (send cheque or money order made out to OAMFT in the appropriate amount). Or call the OAMFT office at 1-800-267-2638 to pay by credit card.
  • All submitted material will be screened for appropriateness by the Executive Director or an OAMFT Board member.  Inappropriate submissions will be returned to the advertiser.
  • Approved ads will be placed on the website for 2 months. (or less if you wish)
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellations must be submitted to OAMFT by both phone (905) 936 3338 or 1 800 267 2638 and e-mail  to  admin@oamft.com
  • There are no refunds if you ask to have the ad removed early

Copy and Contract Policy for Website Advertising

By submitting advertising for inclusion on the OAMFT website, the advertiser or agency agrees to be bound by the terms hereof. No conditions other than those set forth herein shall be binding on OAMFT unless specifically agreed to in writing by OAMFT. This document supersedes all terms and conditions of any previous agreements between OAMFT and advertiser or agency relating to the subject matter set forth herein. OAMFT will not be bound by conditions printed or appearing on order blanks or copy instructions submitted by or on behalf of the advertiser or agency. Acceptance of advertising for the OAMFT website should not be construed as any type of endorsement by OAMFT, or any of its members or accredited standards developers or third-party organizations (unless otherwise noted), of the advertisement, the advertiser or the advertiser’s organization, system, product or service. OAMFT, its members or accredited standards developers or third-party organization expressly disavow any such implied endorsement. The advertiser understands that permission to advertise on the OAMFT website shall not in itself be used to market or promote the advertiser or the advertiser’s organization, product, system or service.

The OAMFT reserves the right to reject or cancel advertising in its publications for any reason at any time. The OAMFT complies with the provisions of applicable laws prohibiting discrimination. The OAMFT will not accept advertising that appears to be libelous, slanderous, or in conflict with the OAMFT policies or the AAMFT Code of Ethics. Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for all content of advertisements printed, and also assume liability for any claims resulting from advertisements against the OAMFT.


Needed Details

Title/name of event, workshop

Sponsoring organization (if applicable):


Brief description of event:















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