OAMFT Strategic Plan

The new year is upon us and with it comes an opportunity to celebrate our joys and accomplishments of the prior year and plan for success in the coming year.   At OAMFT, our vision is Wellness for all Ontarians through healthy relationships and to support this vision, our members assist people in their communities every day!

Today we have posted a copy of our 2014 to 2016 Strategic Plan.  This is the blueprint we use to deliver on our association’s vision and mission! Our Board of Directors, Volunteers and Staff are already executing on the 2015 portion of our plan which means some exciting things for our members and for you, the public!   We hope that you will take a moment to read over our plan and take a step towards improving something in your life – reach out to a therapist in your community.

Our Find a Therapist search feature is being updated this month to allow you to search for a therapist to work with not only by their location but by type of therapy and/or their specialty areas.  While we make these improvements to our website you will still be able to search by location and name and if you are having trouble finding someone to assist you please reach out to us through our contact information. We will be happy to assist and help you connect with caring resources who can make a difference in your life this year.

Wishing you happy and healthy relationships for 2015!


Howard Colleen Aug 2013jpg


Colleen Howard

Executive Director

January 22, 2015

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