Third Party Payment Committee
Mission of this committee:

The Third Party Committee is intended to promote the inclusion of Registered Marriage and Family Therapists in third party payment plans.  Such plans include those offered through insurance companies, Employment Assistance Programs and any such service that provides payment for therapy for it’s members or clients.This committee is seen as a “Working Committee” and not solely as an “Advisory Committee”.







Doug Jones, Chair
Tel: 519-576-8715

Julianne Maslabey

John Montgomery

John Montgomery






Camera shy: Bonnie Borchardt




The Third Party Committee Chair is appointed by the President of the OAMFT with the consent of the Board of Directors of the OAMFT (the Board).

The Chair selects from 3 to 8 members in total, who are willing to participate in the work of the committee.  Representatives of the public and/or insurance companies, or an elected official may be invited to sit on the committee with the approval of the Chair and the current committee members.  However, the majority of the members must be OAMFT members.Members of the committee may be removed by the Board with the approval of the Board for malfeasance or non-performance of duties.


Terms of appointment shall be three years maximum unless decided otherwise by the president and the board.

Term of office begins at the time of acceptance of the appointment.

Terms may be extended by a decision of the Board.



The primary duties and responsibilities of this committee include, but are not

limited to the following:

Develop and submit a budget request to Board annually.  Report to board regarding use of funds quarterly.

Develop and implement an “action plan”.

Report to the Board and the Executive at regular Board and Executive Committee meetings through the chair.

Communicate with and provide support to other committees, the President, and the board, as well as the Executive Director and the membership as part of the duty to fulfill the responsibilities of the committee.


The Chair of the Third Party Committee should attend all OAMFT Board Meetings, the OAMFT Annual General Meeting, and hold Third Party Committee meetings as needed to fulfill the duties of the committee.  Meetings may be held in a virtual format if so agreed by it’s members.

The Chair agrees to prepare reports for Board meetings and submit them to the members for their input and approval. Alternatively members may also write reports or parts of reports to be submitted. If there were different opinions expressed those opinions can be presented in the reports to the board for discussion by the board.

The ideas and suggestions of the committee are to be submitted to the board for approval. The committee shall not speak for the OAMFT without the approval of the Board.







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