Ethics Committee
Mission of this committee:  

Accountable to the OAMFT President and Board of Directors, the mandate of the Ethics Committee is to provide information to OAMFT members and the general public about the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Code of Ethics, the responsibilities of OAMFT members in adhering to the Code, and processes for addressing complaints against OAMFT members. The committee will further act as a resource and source of information for OAMFT, the Registry of Marriage and Family Therapists in Canada Inc. (the Canadian Registry), and for AAMFT on ethical and legal developments in Ontario pertinent to the practice of marriage and family therapy.

Committee Members: 

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Megan Cohoon, Chair
Tel: 519-396-0055



Doug Jones

Deborah Bristow

Vera Dyck

Kristen Hodges














The Chair of the Ethics Committee is appointed by the President of OAMFT.

The Chair in turn selects a minimum of three and maximum of twelve OAMFT members to serve on the committee.

The majority of the Ethics Committee shall be composed of OAMFT Clinical Fellows. Associate Members, Student Members, and members of the public (such as a lawyer for example) may be invited and appointed, when approved by the Chair and committee members.

Members of the committee may be removed by the President of OAMFT with the approval of the Board for malfeasance or non-performance of duties.



Terms of office shall ordinarily be three (3) years, however may be extended provided there are no other qualified OAMFT members who have expressed interest in committee membership.

Terms of office shall begin on January 1, or immediately upon appointment when an appointment is made to fill a vacancy.



–        To provide information to members of the public and the organization itself about the AAMFT Code of Ethics, the professional responsibilities of OAMFT members in adhering to the Code of Ethics, and the resources available to both members of the organization and the public with respect to ethical and legal practice.

–        To field/accept calls from the public and OAMFT members regarding legal and ethical issues and to assist callers through the provision of information that clarifies relevant processes. Please note: the OAMFT Ethics Committee provides information on the process of making complaints and seeking official Opinions from AAMFT. The Committee and its members DO NOT provide advice, official Opinions, recommendations or directives beyond advising members to seek supervision, legal consultation, and/or consultation with the AAMFT ethics department, except where required by law.

–        To promote understanding of the unique ethical and legal considerations when working systemically and with couples and families

–        To keep up-to-date as committee members on current and future developments in ethical and legal practice

–       To communicate regularly with the OAMFT membership, board and President regarding current and future ethical and legal developments that affect the    Association and its members, for example through website updates, workshops, e-blasts

–        To develop and make available to the OAMFT membership information and tools that promote high standards of ethical practice

–        To act as a resource to the Canadian Registry and AAMFT on ethical and legal issues uniquely relevant to the Province of Ontario

–        To develop and implement work plans for the ethics committee to be reviewed annually

–        To implement the OAMFT action plan as developed and approved at OAMFT strategic planning days

–        To develop and submit an annual budget request and to report the use of assigned funds to the OAMFT board

–        To participate at OAMFT board meetings through the Ethics Committee Chair

–        To use the best methods available to us as a committee to reach consensus on important issues

–        To provide information to members of the public about the complaints process should they have a complaint against a member

–        To provide information to OAMFT members about the process of seeking an official Opinion from AAMFT Ethics Department should they need one

–        To hold committee meetings as frequently as is necessary to carry out the work of the committee

–        To respect the privacy and dignity of members of the public who come forward with complaints against OAMFT members

–        To respect the privacy and dignity of OAMFT members who are the recipients of complaints against them.




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